1 packet of 500g of twin coloured tagliatelle.
250g PAPATHANASIOU Kefalograviera
250g PAPATHANASIOU Kefalotyri
250g PAPATHANASIOU graviera
1/4 bacon
250g sliced mushrooms
Milk and flour for the bechamel
1 egg
2 tbsp butter

Boil and drain the tagliatelle and throw over the butter you have melted. Grate the cheeses, finely chop the bacon, brown the mushrooms and mix with the tagliatelle, leaving some cheese for the end.

In a pot, heat the butter, throw in the flour, mix and add the milk to make the bechamel sauce. Finally, crack in the egg and mix. Pour the bechamel sauce over the tagliatelle and sprinkle with some of the cheese you had set aside.
Bake in medium heat at 180 degrees until the bechamel acquires a golden brown colour.