PAPATHANASIOU FETA (PDO) is considered the top Greek feta. In making this cheese, the focus is entirely on quality and the strict rules regarding the method of production, while also respecting the tradition that the Papathanasiou family has created in mountainous Trichonida.

It is made from 100% Greek milk from the region and at least 70% sheep’s milk. It has the taste of authentic feta as it ages for at least 3-4 months in brine in wooden barrels that allow the cheese to breathe and mature in a natural environment. It is pure white in colour and steadily maintains its flavour, which thousands of consumers in Greece and abroad have come to love.


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PAPATHANASIOU Feta (PDO) in the kitchen

Feta is the most typical and popular cheese in the Greek diet and is hardly ever absent from the table. It has also earned recognition by most international cuisines. It is hard to think of traditional or even modern dishes in Greek cuisine that are not accompanied by feta cheese. Apart from being an accompaniment, it also serves as an ingredient in the preparation of a large number of dishes, including cooked, roasted and fried dishes, as well as salads. It would certainly not be an exaggeration to say that it can be used in anything with the same ease, adding value to each dish.

Στο πρωινό


PAPATHANASIOU Feta (POP) can either be eaten on its own for breakfast, or it can be spread on hot toasted bread; it goes perfectly with pancakes, or even with fruit salad; and also goes well with fried eggs and, of course, as a filling in omelettes and in cheese pies.

Παπαθανασίου Σε τάρτες και πίτες

In cheese pies

PAPATHANASIOU feta is the topmost cheese that can be used as an ingredient in most traditional Greek pies, either on its own or melted with other white or soft cheeses. It is the basic ingredient in cheese pies, spinach pies, open pies and any puff pastry creation, while it makes for an ideal filling in filo rolls and pies.

Παπαθανασίου Σε σαλάτες

In salad

Feta is the basic ingredient in the world-renowned Greek salad, but also goes ideally with any vegetable salad. It is also the cheese that is used in the traditional Cretan dakos, and goes perfectly with products that are typical of the Mediterranean diet, such as rusks, olives, tomatoes, capers, thyme and olive oil.

Στη μαγειρική

In cooking

Feta is perhaps the cheese with the most uses in cooking. Its slightly sour flavour and soft texture balances all cooked dishes prepared in tomato sauce, either as an accompaniment or incorporated into the sauce itself. It goes ideally with roasted eggplant and roasted vegetables, oven-roasted meat, stuffed tomatoes and green peppers, pasta, while blending in perfectly with spetzofai (traditional Greek dish with sausages and peppers in tomato sauce) or seafood saganaki.

Παπαθανασίου ορεκτικά

In appetisers

Feta cheese, alongside tomatoes, olives and assorted cold meats, as well as fried fish or fried potatoes, plays a leading role among the appetisers served with wine, tsipouro, ouzo or beer. It also features in mini cheese pies and other dough or puff pastry creations. It enhances the taste of seafood saganaki and is a great basis for dips like spicy feta cheese dip, while it is also great as a meze baked in foil or breaded with cereal and fried.

γλυκά και στο επιδόρπιο


PAPATHANASIOU Feta (POP) makes for a wonderful dessert, baked and served with spoon sweets, in a cheese cake or sweet tart, and also in a mousse with fresh cream or yoghurt. By drizzling some grape molasses, honey and even a grape spoon sweet on top, you will get a pleasant sweet-and-sour combination that is bound to tickle the palate.

Παπαθανασίου Με το κρασί

Feta cheese and wine

The strong and salty flavour of feta cheese can be balanced with a strong wine like retsina, as well as with tsipouro or ouzo. When fried or combined with sweet-and-sour flavours, it needs an aromatic muscat wine, and when baked it pairs well with Savvatiano or Athiri. As a filling in a cheese pie or in a dip, it can be balanced with a mixture of Assyrtiko and Malagousia. Lastly, when added to salty treats, it pairs well with Moschofilero or Sauvignon Blanc.

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